Where am I now? See your exact location on a map

This page helps you to find your current location – based on your ip address as well as the geolocation api.

how this works

  1. automatic location (city-level) based on your ip adress
  2. "get more precise" with geolocation api

good to know

This page doesn't save the location data shown to you.


First the page will try to find your location based on your ip address. This is only on a city level. For this a Google App Engine feature is used.

If you need to get more precise you can do so by leveraging the Geolocation API of your browser. For this you need to give explicit permission.

feedback welcome

If you like this tool, experience any problems, have ideas for upgrades or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me on Mastodon @VorticonCmdr.