Google Search Mobile Device Simulator

Simulate any mobile device at any location in Google Search

how to use

  1. Select your mobile devices
  2. Select the region & language you would like to use (e.g. Canada - English)
  3. Enter he location you want to be
  4. Enter your query (keyword) and press "search".


I don't have any affiliation with Google nor did they help with the tools on this page. The tool here is operated in good faith and under the assumption that everything is within the terms of use.

good to know

This simulation relies on the Google adtest parameter which Googles uses in Google Ads to preview your ads. Using this parameter might change the rankings or it might not. It doesn't look this way but there is no way to be sure. If you want to be as sure as possible you might want to rely on a commercial product.

useful stuff

feedback welcome

If you like this tool, experience any problems, have ideas for upgrades or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me on Mastodon @VorticonCmdr.